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January 30, 2023







If you’ve ever wondered of a world between ours and the vacuum of space, noShift hasn’t only found it but he’s hand-delivered it to us. These sounds are like deep, swelling breaths shifting between dream and nightmare. To be pushed beyond your limits is one thing and can even harbor growth, but to dangle somewhere between floating and falling is another.

While this might sound scary or uncomfortable, be assured that the creative mind of noShift is a whimsical one and one that will surely be worth revisiting. It takes someone brave to scream into the void and an even braver someone to receive a response, but to listen to its words and create something beautiful is what defines an artist.

This EP was meant to create a sense of being Adrift, hence the name, and whether that’s psychologically or emotionally, I would argue that noShift achieved just that. But the real kicker with these two tracks is what all of you are able to imagine for yourselves, and where you allow these sounds to take you. So, maybe you’ll be taken to a place of color and light, or instead somewhere of emotional reflection, but regardless Adrift is for anyone.

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