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January 1, 2021





"This piece started back in the beginning of 2016 after my high school friend and I created my proudest work ever, a nostalgic electro house (classic Monstercat) banger called "Aria". It never had any traction but the song constantly reminds me of high school and the years of adolescence and experimentation while dealing with brain surgery. As college started, I tried to find ways to top that production. Through constant arpeggiators melodies and vocal chop riff sketches (inspired by Soulero) Breathe started to come to life. While it was a great piece of art it did not meet professional electronic music standards. After 4 years of learning about in the box production, granular synthesis, and bass modulation I was able to go back and refine the amazing piece of nostalgic bass music that is Breathe. I made sure to not only refine the mixing and mastering to professional standards (-8 LUFS Integrated) but to introduce more percussion/swing and amazing uplifting sounds. I loved recreating the intro and the final breakdown that makes you feel like you are finale of a festival. Please enjoy!"
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