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Submit your mix using the form below and receive 3 different masters with different intensity profiles. We utilize LANDR's technology to bring you clean and professional-sounding masters every time. Normally a $10/track value, we offer unlimited masters to our artists free of charge.


When preparing your mix, it's important to consider dynamics. A dynamic track has a range from quiet to loud and the difference in levels between sounds. Compression techniques used in mastering can enhance intensity and cohesion, but if the dynamic range is already lost due to heavy compression or limiting, there won't be much to work with. Avoid adding dynamic plugins like limiters and compressors solely for loudness on the master channel; instead, control dynamics using small amounts of compression at different stages of the mixing process. LANDR utilizes the dynamics you retain, so feel free to use compressors on individual tracks and busses as long as they're not overused and squashing your track.


Peak Headroom plays a crucial role in the mastering process. It's important to leave sufficient space for LANDR to apply its adjustments effectively. Aim for around 6dB of headroom in your final mix, with the master output peaking at approximately -6 dBFS. Avoid peaks exceeding 0 dBFS to prevent distortion. While it's acceptable if some peaks surpass -6 dB, maintaining headroom is essential. Remember, we're focusing on the loudest sounds, not the average level. It's best to achieve peak headroom through careful mixing rather than relying on shortcuts like adjusting the master fader or using a limiter. Keeping these factors in mind from the start will help you avoid last-minute challenges.


Prepare Your Mix

Before submitting your track, it's important to ensure it has enough dynamic range and peak headroom to get the best results.


Upload Your Track

Use the form to submit your track for mastering. Make sure the track is unmastered, adheres to the recommendations above, and is submitted as a downloadable WAV file that doesn't expire.

Submitted! You will receive an email with your final masters within 2 business days!


Download Your Masters

Once you receive the email with your new final masters attached, you can download each and compare them side-by-side in your DAW of choice to determine which is the best fit for you and your sound.


Vintage warmth with softer compression for a smoother sound.


Controlled sound with a larger focus on balance, clarity, and depth.


Modern, open sound with more of an emphasis on punch and presence.

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