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July 20, 2023





Peering over the edge of a cliff on some distant moon, the depths of space beneath you stretch further than forever. Equal in depth and width, the inky infinity swallows personal perceptions of the possible and widens our concept of what can, or could be done by any one person. In his newest single, 1NF1N1TE wraps that all up for us in a neatly wrapped package whose initial drop plunges us into a grizzly beat equal to that of falling forward over that edge into what was once thought impossible.

His newest release dives into Melodic Dubstep and House, inspired by the sounds of Crankdat, though delivering something all his own. With a beat so punchy and pumping, this track is something we all need as the heat of the Summer comes on strong. Welcome the void, fall as far as you can, and eagerly await the Ethereal.

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