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April 25, 2023







HOPE (2023)


Like any one of us, EthoShark is quite familiar with our frequent public longing for a savior. The Heroes EP stands as a beacon for that exact feeling. It’s one of triumph, concern and most importantly, hope. 

Maybe it isn’t some caped-crusader, wall-crawler, or bullet-proof boy from Kansas that we’re all holding out for, but rather a collective safety net strung together by our love for one another. No matter our fears, dreams and all the messes in between, EthoShark’s “tomorrow” is as bright as anyone’s.

Our heroic tale opens with something stellar as well as, well–interstellar. Like some glistening, distant and mystical landscape, this track glistens with the sounds of Stardust. It burns bright like a comet, warm like a sun and really sets a welcoming tone for all that find themselves enjoying it. But with any great story, if there’s a need for protectors, there must first be villains.

Our second track is catastrophic, with laser blasts and subsonic rifts lifting and dropping the track into mayhem. But oh, thank god–at last we’ve found our Heroes. As they calculate the current threat and devise a plan of action, the villain may soon find themself in a corner.

As we always should have known, the bad guy’s reign was never built to last. Like so many real life horrors, be they social or political, it’s important to only continue fighting for what is right and to never let go of Hope. So be there for your neighbor, your friends and your loved ones– ‘cause isn’t that what heroes are for?

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