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January 19, 2023





It’s not like we’re betting against him, but Solenya has swung again and he only continues to prove that he can’t miss. This one’s fat, it’s nasty and it will have your car absolutely THUMPIN’.

Inspired by artists like Boombox Cartel and Noizestorm, he thought he would try his hand at a trap single this time around, and at this point, the list of things Solenya can’t do only grows smaller. Like a snapshot of a shady little Chicago EDM club circa 2014, this banger bumps, rumbles and goes relentlessly hard. If for nothing else, those gut-punching 808’s are a sight to behold... or a sound to savor? I don’t know– we know you get it.

So, Pull up and stay awhile cause Solenya isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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