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March 12, 2022





We all have problems to face and goals to reach, but what happens once you’ve faced those demons and reaped those rewards? “Why am I so stressed?” Why indeed. There will always be struggles. There will always be enemies. And there will always be sacrifices. But what if you don’t have any drive to take on those challenges once you feel that you’ve “made it”? Or, alternatively, what if you push too hard to succeed and your tunnel vision causes you to push away those who are the closest to you? These are all things that will inevitably flash through your mind while experiencing "Sacrilege" by KRVE and Allegro. From nearly blank and empty to energetic and chaotic only moments later, the mind of someone in this headspace is mirrored by the large range of emotions in this track. But should one fear being sacrilegious once they’ve become their own god?
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