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March 15, 2021





Zenith is a representation of the evolution of feelings one person has for another. It begins as a gentle humming in your brain: the beginning stages of fondness. It evolves rapidly, swiftly becoming a vast wave of uncontainable energy, represented by the arpeggios that run for the majority of the track. Ever-present is the soft sound of water, the element all living things require, and represents nurture and care. A distinctly oriental-themed lead line aims to show you the first time you subconsciously realize the true depth of feelings you have for another person, evolving into the upbeat and melodic chorus; the acceptance of your feelings, reaching the "Zenith" of your emotions. After such a realization, you begin to think fondly back on the journey you took to get here, and recall the first humming you heard, taking it for what it really was. A melodically-driven track, both beautiful and emotional, tightly packed with ABZO's signature rhythm and groove.
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