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Spring Time Means Spring Cleaning

Has it been a long, cold winter or is it just us? It’s finally starting to seem that we can stop dressing in so many layers and we can actually enjoy the breeze. From progressive house, to techno, to a saucy amount of dubstep, we at SYNC Records have compiled a collection of some tracks we thought would best clean that gunk out of everyone’s heads and help you to partake in some much needed spring cleaning.

No matter what you’ve been going through or how unbearable that post-holiday stretch of winter was, we’re sure that this should do the trick in not only lifting your spirits back to where they once were but helping you all to transition into one hell of a summer!


Valrouz x Chris Wörds – Void

Opening our cleansing collection is a Progressive House track with a sprinkle of Big Room from the collective minds of Valrouz and Chris Wörds – robotic and thumpin’, yet deeply and emotionally complex. The builds leading up to both the first and second drops are somehow mysterious or almost secretive, not unlike their track’s unknowable namesake. An intoxicating blend of energetic and melancholic, this is definitely one to get lost in and where better to get lost than in the Void?


Solenya x Blankfaces – Hestia (Eris Sounds Remix)

Following the cathartic and emotional workings of Void comes Eris Sounds’ reworking of a both sad and playful track by Solenya and Blankfaces – Hestia. Existing in a headspace both confusing and unfamiliar, this remix will absolutely force the listener out of their comfort zone. The broken up nature of the back half of this track is truly something to behold and marks yet another step forward in our psychological spring cleaning.



As we enter our third track, there is a clear shift in tone, but not an unwelcome one. Eerie, creeping, and groovy, L.I.M.E. really keeps the listener guessing with this Bass House single – MURDA. With the vocals often reminding us of “a horrible murder” like the echoes of a late night news story of a horrific homicide, this one is sure to keep you looking over your shoulder.


Pixlr – No Time

With an equally groovy beat to the track before, Pixlr’s No Time feels almost like a sequel to L.I.M.E.’s MURDA and the newly established energy here nearly embodies the disembodied ghosts of our recently deceased murder victims. In addition to its driving beat, No Time persists with a haunting glow that unfailingly shines just above that groove from start to finish. If you don’t have time for anything else, we can assure you – you have time for this.



In our fifth track, the violence continues but things are about to get weird. With playful percussion, bombastic builds and absolutely blistering drops, the spring cleaning has now become inevitable. If next time you call your grandma to catch up with her and you need some

conversation filler, make sure to tell her about the gnarly second drop in WRONG’s MOAB. We promise she’ll dig the f**k out of it. With “bass so heavy make ya’ motherf*ckin’ neck drop”, how could she not?


CEIRO – Don’t Wanna Talk

Our sixth track takes a turn to a place of internal reflection. CEIRO’s Don’t Wanna Talk isn’t only one that most can find themselves in, but it takes our response to personal frustrations and anxieties to a place that not everyone has the strength to go. Like the release of pent up emotion through the manifestation of explosive blasts, the drops in this track are mind-bogglingly thick, coupled with the humanized sound of frustrated off-beat grunts and groans. If you don’t wanna talk, we totally get it, but please – take a listen to this.


Madcat – Speak

Madcat’s Speak is comforting and comfortable. Like a serotonin serenade, any remaining clouds or muddy pituitary puddles will be dried up by this immersive sonic sunshine. With the playful sounds of childhood dancing throughout this track it’s hard not to find yourself in a happier, simpler time. While we keep at this spring cleaning remember, don’t bottle those emotions up. Whenever you need to get things off your chest – don’t be afraid to Speak.


Wolves x EthoShark – Vortex

In a time of rebirth, it’s important to remember that nature is inevitable and it is necessary. As things collide and expand we are of course met with growth and evolution. Whether or not these factors exist within a vacuum, the pieces and parts will all continue moving and it’s best that we move with them rather than stubbornly standing in their way. Wolves and EthoShark’s including samples of watery drips and this constant feeling of swirling inward and outward really solidifies that we are, in fact, within the Vortex.


4WRD – Don’t Wait Up

In our last track, we find ourselves on the other side. As our world becomes once again more social, 4WRD’s Don’t Wait Up is the feel-good bop of the soon-to-be summer, reminding us of the thrilling atmosphere of the underground club scenes we once often inhabited. After the eight tracks prior to Don’t Wait Up, meant to cleanse our heads and hearts, this is exactly what we all needed and it couldn’t have come at a better time.


So remember kids, keep that spring in your step, always remember to clean behind your ears and stream SYNC Records’ new EP, Spring Cleaning, out now everywhere!



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