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Aug 24, 2023



Ant Swift is a visionary producer whose journey into the world of music was ignited by the likes of Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta, and Martin Garrix. These electronic music maestros served as the driving force behind Ant's passion to produce awe-inspiring soundscapes.

Ant's decision to step into the realm of music production was crystalized during his teenage years. At 15/16, he uncovered a path that allowed him to channel his musicality without relying on vocals or traditional instruments. Despite his desire to be a musician, vocal limitations and a lack of instrumental skills couldn't deter his determination.

His genre of choice encompasses an eclectic range of EDM genres, spanning from captivating melodies to the pulsating rhythms of the heavy beats. Ant's love for EDM knows no bounds, embracing the melodic as well as the powerful, creating a dynamic blend that's uniquely his own.

Music isn't just a passion for Ant Swift—it's a legacy that has coursed through his family for generations. With a mother who obtained a degree in Music and a family that has harbored dreams of music industry success, Ant emerged as the torchbearer, fearlessly pursuing his dreams. Their unwavering support has fueled his creative journey, and they stand as his most devoted fans.

Seeking a label that believed in his musical vision, he found refuge in SYNC Records—a haven of artistic freedom and independence. After encountering labels that left him disillusioned with their deceptive tactics, SYNC's genuine faith in his artistry offered the liberation he craved.

As for the future, Ant envisions his music resonating across the airwaves, reaching the ears of thousands, and beyond. With aspirations of sharing his beats on a global stage, he dreams of playing sets that transcend borders and cultures. Ant Swift's sonic odyssey is one of determination, innovation, and an unquenchable desire to create a musical legacy that will endure.





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