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Aug 24, 2023



This is Halico – a visionary music producer whose journey was ignited by the likes of Skrillex (Sonny Moore), whose groundbreaking sound piqued Halico's curiosity about the realm of digital synthesis and DAWs. This creative fire was further fueled by the sonic landscapes crafted by San Holo, Hex Cougar, and AWAY.

Halico's venture into the world of music production began as an exploration in 2012, but it wasn't until 2017 that the decision was made to take this passion to a more serious level. With a genre preference that knows no bounds, Halico finds solace and admiration in nearly every genre that resonates with authenticity and musicality.

Music, for Halico, has been a profound positive force. Whether crafting electronic opuses or composing orchestral masterpieces, Halico sees music as an internal power that channels through them – a mere vessel for the music's message.

The decision to join SYNC Records was a natural one for Halico. Drawn in by SYNC's impeccable organization and impressive presentation, Halico recognized the label as the perfect platform to amplify their unique sound and artistic expression.

As for the future, Halico envisions a life defined by both comfort and creativity. The dream is to lead a modest yet fulfilling existence through the creation of music. However, the true passion lies in the prospect of sharing these creations through live DJ performances, where Halico's compositions come to life in vibrant and immersive experiences.

With influences that span genres and an unwavering dedication to artistic growth, Halico stands as a testament to SYNC Records' commitment to fostering exceptional talent in the ever-evolving landscape of music production.





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