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Aug 24, 2023



No Koriander is an emerging talent in the realm of electronic music production, whose creative journey has been nurtured by a diverse tapestry of influences. Inspired by luminaries such as Fred Again.., Jamie XX, Overmono, and Ross From Friends, No Koriander found the spark to produce music that transcends boundaries.

Embarking on this sonic odyssey just a year ago, No Koriander's passion for producing was ignited by the ever-evolving sounds of the electronic music landscape. Fueled by a fervent dedication to his craft, No Koriander has chosen the dynamic realm of House as his genre of choice, channeling his artistic energy into crafting beats that resonate with the soul.

Music isn't just a mere pursuit for No Koriander; it's the very essence of life. From a tender age, music has been the conduit through which emotions and creativity flow freely. It's a language that enables connections, both with new souls and the cherished ones who accompany him on this journey.

The choice to align with SYNC Records was a natural progression. Drawn to the label's vibrant atmosphere and the collective energy of fellow artists, No Koriander was also captivated by SYNC's bold vision for the future. The recent emergence of the "Speed" sub-label piqued his interest, especially as Drum & Bass is a genre that holds a special place in his heart.

Looking ahead, No Koriander's aspirations are as limitless as the cosmos. With a resolute ambition, he envisions his music resonating with an audience of 10,000 listeners per month by the close of 2024. However, his dreams don't stop there. No Koriander envisions his tracks igniting the stages of iconic festivals like Coachella and Tomorrowland, propelled by the beats he carefully nurtures. His ultimate aim? To see his music spun by the very DJs who've fueled his passion, including the likes of Fred Again.., Ross From Friends, and Jamie XX.

In the vast universe of electronic music, No Koriander is shooting for the stars, fueled by his dedication, creativity, and steadfast belief in the power of his sound. Keep your ears attuned to the rhythm of No Koriander, for he's crafting a symphony that transcends time and space.






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