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October 25, 2022





As autumn welcomes us all in with a cool embrace and a subtle chill is felt on the air, a time of change is not only coming, but inevitable. When days are cooler and nights are cold, it’s time to exit our dog-day caves and remind ourselves what it means to be and to be happy. Like going for a liberating drive on those nights either alone or with friends, the newest house single from Pixlr and Escvped is alive and well. Don’t believe us? Check its pulse.

Inspired by artists like Attlas and Lane 8, this one is constantly moving and pushing forward and the second drop is something you definitely don’t want to miss. With the holidays just around the corner a reminder of what keeps us alive and moving is just what we need. Like any great

collaboration, this blending of two great minds makes for a beautiful track equally birthed from their internal inspirations and aspirations. Come and experience what they’ve so thoughtfully crafted. Come on over and Collide.

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