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August 19, 2022





Fiktitious’s projects have now grown to stand as profound as they are proehlific. As fully immersive as this new track is, it’s hard not to forget quite where one was for the past five minutes, give or take, because it surely wasn’t here or anywhere you’ve ever been.

When you find yourself awakened within this one, you stand alone beneath a dark, yet multicolored void that begins cracking and splitting across the sky. As it does, everything you can see and more is taken by the void and there’s no going back. It has spoken.

When you awaken once again within the void itself, it’s serene. Eerily so. But only for a moment. That’s when the gut of the void begins to churn and thrash. All you can do to ride it out is find something to hold onto and hope it will soon end. If ever at all.

Drop after drop, it just keeps coming. Further than beyond we travel Into the Void. A heavy and melodic colour bass track coupled with punchy kicks and an air of mystery makes for something quite literally out of this world, or at least from somewhere far from here. The tone is a beautiful marriage of William Friedkin’s 1973 classic, The Exorcist, and some distant and glittering neon apocalypse.

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