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December 16, 2022





Shoulder to shoulder–there’s no way to escape. There’s no room to move and the air has gone thin. From pitch-black nothingness to a brilliant blast of light, the stage before you erupts again and again flipping one’s mind like a switch. The energy in your veins shoots from the floor and through your head connecting you with an endless crowd surrounding you through a current. The place is electric. Consider Valrouz and Chris Wörds your conductors.

Dating back to almost a year prior, this track was shelved by the duo until they felt the public was ready. Only when its three uniquely dark drops were sculpted and perfected was it that we, their gracious listeners, were gifted with such an emotionally charged surprise that couldn’t come from anyone else. Inspired by Hardwell’s Rebels Never Die album, it was only to be expected that we would be faced with a track with such undeniable punctuation and persistence.

So, as the holidays begin to ramp up and it’s integral that we all stay ready for whatever barrage is to come, be it financial stress, family or just the emotional toll that is this time of year, just remember– stay charged and embrace the Voltage.

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