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Less than two weeks after the world found itself on the other side of an alleged technological apocalypse, a boy was born, later to be known as the mysterious artist, Swyse. It was a mere twelve years later, when the world was sure to end again due to ancient Mayan predictions, that the artist was born. Though, it took several years for him to really catch his stride.


Growing up, he was primarily interested in Dubstep, but was deeply inspired by Instrumental Core with its sonic use of combining both symphonic orchestra and Dubstep. Since then, his style has been shaped and formed by the handful of producers that he looks up to.


Roughly four years after he got his feet wet as a young producer, it was the help of another musician that solidified Swyse’s passion for music. By being pushed to become better he realized that there is far more to overcome in the world of producing than just simply playing the right notes at the right time. But since then, he has been hopelessly hooked on creating and producing.


As he found himself becoming more and more immersed in this new passion, he found that it was really taking hold of his life and lifestyle. When researching which college he should attend, he found himself torn between computer science and music. He found that he was against the idea of music when he concluded that studying it may make him hate it and “if there’s one thing he doesn’t want to hate, it’s music.”


Though, clearly, deciding to study something besides music has not slowed him down at all in his pursuit as a producer. When first applying to SYNC Records, he sent in a track entitled “Black Hole”, and it was a hit! Despite being a guy who often keeps to himself and values his privacy, he says that he was made to feel at home in our community and it’s something that he will always appreciate.


He doesn’t do all this in pursuit of fame and fortune, but because it’s “the best pastime he could ever imagine.” However, “being an artist on a gig sounds very inviting, I’m not going to lie.” So don’t fear, he’s here, and he’s well worth the listen.






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