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Kick It with Karasu— There’s So Much More to Come

From continuing to build his following to expanding his ever-growing artistic vision, Karasu Merodi has a lot planned for his promising future. At the shockingly young age of five, Victor started playing the drums, and inevitably, one thing led to another. Nine years later he developed a taste for producing electronic music and through the support of his family and the inspiration of his favorite artists, he started the “Karasu Merodi Project” in 2019.

Call it a dream or a relentless vision, Karasu would love to one day have his music grace both national and international airwaves, march its way into clubs and festivals and, most importantly, develop a meaningful connection with his listeners.



Hey Karasu! We’re so glad to have you here at SYNC Records!

We’ve heard you have long been inspired by Martin Garrix, but alternatively, who or what else would you say inspired you to start producing?

I would say my brother inspired me with the idea of producing computer music too because he had also started and I think that if he hadn't done it, the idea of doing it I would have come much later.

I love that you were able to have that relationship with your brother. Plus, without him, we never would have been blessed with an artist like yourself.

Between EDM, Chiptune and Ambient, what genre are you drawn to working in most often?

I try to alternate but I think this year will be the year of EDM, haha. It will depend on my mood and my inspirations at the time, though.

It’s always good to stay fluid with those sorts of things. Who do you find yourself listening to most often these days?

My title of the moment is "The Ballet Girl" by Aden Foyer. I listen to it on repeat.

Ooo, that’s a great one. I’ve been stuck on Annie Hamilton, myself.

Through working with us here at SYNC, what would you like to accomplish over say, the next year or two?

I would really like to gather the most people around my music as I can, make events happen and have a large number of listenings. I want my music to touch as many people as possible.

Are you a PC or Console sort of guy and what is your top game right now?

I prefer console and I play most of the time on Mario Kart with my girlfriend, haha.

Oh, I’m definitely a console guy too. I’ve spent too much time sharpening my Mario Kart skills and now I can’t find anyone to play with me, haha.

Enough about me though—for the fans of yours that would like to keep up with you pretty regularly, which platform would you recommend they follow?

I would say to follow me on Soundcloud or YouTube to listen to my music and to follow me on Instagram for all things social!

Is there anything personal you would like to say to your followers to close us out?

I’ve gone through some complicated periods since I launched the Karasu Merodi project, but I never dropped anything, though I continued to produce and put my most into my musical creations. I always put myself at 130% in my projects and although my first songs were very calm, I try to vary my pleasures and those of my fans by touching all the styles of music that I can.

He’s a dreamer, he’s a creator and he makes music for the masses. Karasu Merodi is just getting started, and trust us, he’s one to keep your eye on.


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