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Loved and Lost My Breath- Growing past Grief with Gasp!

While we all will find ourselves in dark places from time to time, sometimes those shadows render into a place of anger. It may be better than bottling feelings up, but those volatile vexations can be emotionally corrosive if left unchecked. The best fix for times like these are to surround yourself with others who understand while wanting the best for you. Luckily, Gasp! has the soundtrack for your healing.

Inspired by Au5, Illenium and many more, Gasp!'s newest sonic achievement, Lose My Breath, is as crooked as it is cleansing. If you find yourself hanging on through a loss that you never thought would come knocking, these 3 songs are the purest and most consoling trinity you could hope for. So, take a breath, get comfortable and let the healing begin.



Hey Gasp!, great to finally talk with you. I gotta' say, I love this new project. I haven't heard such a genuinely raw collection of songs in a while. I was wondering, what place did you find yourself in that drove you to produce such a project?

I am in a good place now, but it wasn't so long ago that I was dealing with some pretty heavy depression. I lost a lot of people in my life in a very short amount of time, starting with my grandma, my brother in law, and then my dog, Roxie. That one hit extra hard. A lot of my depression came out as anger. It was a pretty dark time. But, then I got some help. I have an amazing support system and incredible wife who helped me work through everything. I think this album is kind of like the end of my last chapter, reflecting on everything that happened these past few years.

It really does make every difference in the world to have a sturdy support system. While you were healing and planning this EP, were there any artists that were in your regular rotation who you feel inspired this sound?

Au5 is always in my rotation. If I could be half as good as him that would be more than enough. Ive also always got some sadbois on my list, Illenium, dabin, and said the sky.

Do you feel that these songs were meant as an expressive form of personal coping or did you hope that these tracks might bring a certain comfort to listeners who find themselves in a relatable spot?

It's always nice when people connect with your music, and I love the thought that my music might help someone out there. But in all honesty, I made these songs for me. This is what I was feeling at the time, and this is what those feelings turned into. When I make a song it's always something I want to listen to. I don't really think about anyone else when I'm producing. That makes it really special when I get love from fans.

I'm sure that collective taste really strengthens the bond between you and your listeners. Along with making music for you, were there any new production techniques that you were excited to experiment with in this project?

There weren't really any new techniques I wanted to try, but I have been getting into psytrance recently so on the first track I did experiment with some trance. My process is very chaotic. I am self taught so I don't really know if what I'm doing is even technically right. But hey it sounds good so it works for me!

Honestly, as long as it sounds good, can it even really be technically wrong? Oh, by the way-- I know it's tough to pick just one, but with Halloween right around the corner, what's your favorite scary movie?

Oh man, I love scary movies. It's really hard to pick just one. If we're going classic horror I think I'd have to pick Halloween, Michael Myers. But if we're talking pure terror probably the Devils Rejects--no ghosts or voodoo, just crazy fucked up people.

Oh the OG Halloween is never a bad choice. I don't think all of the classics aged super well, but that one is a masterpiece. Speaking of which, where is the best place for your listeners to keep up with you and your upcoming releases?

My original tracks are available on all platforms, but if you want access to stuff like my remixes, DJ sets, or teasers for upcoming releases, that's only available on my soundcloud:

Before we go, is there anything else you would like to mention?

I would just like to give a shoutout to my amazing wife, Lexi. Without her, Gasp! wouldn't exist! I hope you all enjoy the album!

No matter what you're going through, both Gasp! and SYNC Records are here for you. Even in the face of loss, never stop loving. If you need something truly special to get you through these hard times, stream Lose My Breath now.



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