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Late Night Lovin’— An Evening with Ecko

Call it magic or biology, there’s something surreal about when two bodies make one. There’s something so sensually symbiotic that comes from the wreckage of messy love. Struck by such a feeling, Ecko crafted something for us that somehow captures what it is to be both harmonious and holistic. Complimented by beautiful vocal chops and driving hi-hat patterns, this track shows what it means for two to come together and create something greater than themselves—some Late Night Lovin’.

Inspired largely by The Weeknd and 070 Shake, Ecko created something somehow wildly colorful but bathed in noir monochromality. Like the different stages of a relationship, each chorus has its own shape and vibe—from slow and relaxed to messy and complex within moments. But with the complexities, come the sweet harmonies, and the deep, rolling, ‘good vibrations’. Despite our personal differences, we often compliment one another and besides, “it takes two to make a thing go right”.



Hey Ecko—glad to have you back again! This new one is really a treat, and best of all, its internal emotions feel really genuine. Is there a special person in your life that inspired such a sensual and honestly, jazzy track?

My girlfriend for sure. She's so upbeat and fun to be around—but also a looker.

Oh you lucky dog. It’s wonderful when your love doubles as your muse. What exactly do love and intimacy mean to you?

Love is everything. You have to love what you do, who you’re with and yourself to be happy in this day and age. I'd rather have loving friends and family over a million dollars any day.

I’ve always felt that everything in life is either about love or the lack thereof. That being said—with something so personal yet so widespread, how do you go about capturing such a specific feeling or phenomenon with your sound?

It's all about ambiance and creating a soundscape for your song to exist in. A lot of music is littered with simple beats with the same melodic loops playing the whole song, but just doesn’t have any feeling or emotion. This track is a combatant to that style of production and I really wanted to go all out in trying to bring emotion and feelings back into music like it's meant to be.

It really shows. Late Night Lovin' itself is a love-letter cut from the cloth of emotional music. Out of the whole track and all that it holds, what is your favorite part?

Definitely the breakdown before the second chorus, I feel as though it's the most sensual part of the song.

Oh my god, that whole middle chunk is absolutely killer. I love this sound so much. Should we expect more of this sort of sound from you in the future?

Thank you! I'm really glad that you enjoyed it so much. I'm very versatile with my production and I've never really stuck with one sound specifically, but it is definitely possible there could be a similar track on the roster already. (Wink wink)

Oh trust me, we can’t wait. Ideally, where would you love to hear this one played? Any specific game, movie, tv show or festival?

I really think that this song would be amazing for a romantic drama’s theme song. “Will Kevin cheat on Marissa or will he keep it in his pants? Find out next week on 'Kevin's A Whore' (cue Late Night Lovin)”.

God, you have no idea how many nights I would commit to watching that, haha. Is there anything else you'd like to tell your listeners before we close out?

I have a YouTube channel called Ecko Music that will have a music video for this track on it, as well as a ton of other really fun content. Also, go give someone you love a hug—like right now.

Love is love and there’s enough for us all. Share an evening with Ecko and stream Late Night Lovin’ now.



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