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Spring is Gone, Here Comes Solenya—Now is the Time for Pushin’ Daisies

There are few things as truly immersive and calming as a nearing storm. In his newest release, this is right where he wants us. When the beat drops, what was initially only calming has now turned introspective. With swirling synths up high, and a sturdy beat down below, this lo-fi track is for both the feelers and the thinkers.

Maybe it was the changing hands of the seasons, or more specifically, the unstoppable march of time, but Solenya’s intent was to remind his listeners that things aren’t always as bad as they seem. No matter what gets you to that headspace, be it early morning walks or long talks with friends, just remember to keep it light, keep it cool, and enjoy the world you’re in. Because regardless of how you spend your time here, you never know when you might be Pushin’ Daisies.



Hey Solenya it’s great to see you again! I’m really digging this new single. What inspired this one? Was it the ending of Spring, or the loss of something else?

I actually had just purchased an Ableton Push and I was really delving into it for a few weeks. After a really cool sketch I decided to polish it up into a track and give it more of a lofi aesthetic!

New equipment can really just change the whole game up, and this new sound is definitely something fresh and new. Are there any artists in particular that you've been listening to lately that kick-started this project?

Nope! Just my usual future garage and neuro favorites, but I wanted to master differently this time around—prioritize vibe over loudness.

Well the vibe definitely comes through and it is clean. Does Pushin' Daisies mark the start of you heading in a more "heady" direction?

Not sure. My next releases are definitely more focused on high energy but I want to head in a direction of freeform/neuro/future garage styles and get good at combining those.

You never fail to amaze and I do really look forward to where your experimentation and possible collaboration will lead your sound.

Have you been to any good shows lately or have any artists you'd like to plug?

Hell yea— shoutout to my boy, Noetika! Been really inspiring me lately in pushing my sound and creating more tension and energy in my music. If you’re around Chicago in September come to North Coast—he'll be there!

I might have to make my way up there! Any final words for your listeners?

Not really. Just very excited for the next few releases coming up and very hyped to further develop my sound!

Well you heard it here. In the name of science, sound and Summer-time lofi beats, Solenya just keeps coming and there’s no one who can stop him. Stream Pushin’ Daisies now!


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