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Make Way for the Silent King

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Born at the turn of the century, Emmanuel was already on a hidden path to music royalty. Deeply inspired by the sounds of latin dance, pop and sweeping orchestral movements, his brain was always geared towards the grand, the colorful and the cinematic. It wasn’t until he was seventeen years old though that he decided to start producing and from then on dawned the name, “Silent King”.

He feels that he has found a home both in his music and here at SYNC Records. For the time being he has settled into a sound stemming from a combination of Future Bass, Big Room House, Riddim and Reggaeton. He’s ready for his coronation and has long anticipated his breakthrough as an artist. Here comes the color. Here comes the flavor.



Hey Silent King! We’re so glad to add you to the SYNC Records family.

I see here that you’ve drawn a lot of inspiration over the years from artists like KSHMR, Alan Walker, ILLENIUM, Excision, and even Han Zimmer. Of those artists, are there any that really stand out from the rest for you?

I would say KSHMR and Han Zimmer. They inspired me with making the music I enjoy. These two artists and composers have two things in common—they implement passion in every aspect of every note and arrangement in their tracks and they also tell a story, which I find fascinating. No one can speak to my heart (musically) as much as these two can. I aspire to be equal to them in quality though different from them in style, since they are of two completely different genres.

Ah, so you’re a producer of theatrical proportions. How did music sneak its way into your head like this? Prior to producing EDM, were there other genres that really spoke to you?

I had about 4 favorite genres when I was younger— Reggaeton, Romancés, Pop and Scores (Orchestrals). These four genres are what got me into the EDM genre. My character has always had an intense/passionate side and it all narrowed down to when I heard my first EDM track (sub-genre dubstep) Skrillex - Cinema. I then began to listen to EDM more and more. I found different sub-genres and eventually found my taste is in future bass, melodic bass and big room house.

Like many, you’ve told us that music has, at times, been a sort of comforting escape. What is it about music that has really helped you get through those hard times?

Music has always influenced me. I was a shy kid growing up. To this day, I still consider myself an introvert. Music provides a whole other world, deep in my thoughts, where I feel at peace. Life is so oppressing, sad and tiring. But music, enhances the beauty of this world to me—the nature, the sea, the land, the sky, the stars. I feel like if I was secluded from listening to music I would go crazy.

Oh, you and me both. It’s amazing to me how much of my regular budget goes to surrounding myself with music.

Through your journey with SYNC, what would you like to see yourself accomplish over the next year or two?

I have started my journey with Sync Records prior to my enlistment with the military. In truth, I would say it has actually just started now. I have been associated with this label since 2020 but never had the chance to show my true contributions. Now I am ready to give it my best and I hope to grow with this label, release all my best work and make a home of this community!

Sorry about this, but it’s now time for the hard-hitting question—Would you say you're a cat or a dog person? If neither, what is your niche taste in pets? If you aren't really an animal person, what's with that?

I myself am a dog person. Growing up, my parents used to breed blue nose pit bulls. I have seen litter after litter come and go and I have seen how smart dog's can be and how dumb they can play. To me they are an interesting and loyal species. Shout out to my doggo, Ruffy!

There are few animals I dislike. Except spiders. They can get right out of here.

Anyway—for your fans that would really like to keep up with you, what social platform would you recommend they follow?

Fans, once you guys know I exist I would like you to follow me on both my Instagram and on YouTube. I am most active on these platforms.

Do you have any final words for them to close us out?

I would just like to thank all my future fans for finding my music and hopefully sticking with me and following me on this journey!

He’s a man of art and talent who possesses a deep love and understanding for dogs. If you aren’t sold yet, just go give him a listen. The Silent King moves quietly, but his tunes will knock for ages.


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