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The Genesis Project: A New Sound from New Beginnings

Imagine yourself deep within your own sonic chamber—as vast as it is psychologically embracing—down in a place where your surroundings groove and push forever forward. As gentle, melodic words caress your wayward essence, what should feel like your nearing the end feels inexplicably like something new.

From the minds of Silent King and Jumper Keellu, and roughly 4 years in the making, Genesis is breathtaking and well worth the wait. This is truly the marriage of two beautifully creative minds into something we, as listeners, are blessed to have been gifted. Inspired by artists like if found and nøll, this track is a lot of things but it is, in no way, unoriginal.



So, what would you say inspired you to do this Genesis project?

Silent King: My inspiration for this track was solely based off of my own feelings and the drop was inspired by if found and nøll’s track, die 4 u. Genesis was created on October 4th, 2019 and finalized on January 31st, 2023.

Jumper Keellu: The Genesis project was born out of a collaboration between myself and Silent King. He sent me a demo of an idea he had for a track, and I loved the energy and potential that I heard. We worked on the track together over the course of several years, refining it and adding new elements until it became the finished product that you hear today. For me, the inspiration behind the Genesis project was the thrill of creating something new and exciting with a talented partner.

Man, I don’t think I’ve ever sculpted one project for nearly four years, but what an end product you two have accomplished! What do you each feel was your greatest strength during production?

Silent King: I feel like my partners greatest strengths were his patience, for one, and also his instrument selection on the parts he contributed to this track. My strength, I would think, was my willingness to follow through with this project, composition and arrangement.

Jumper Keellu: I think my greatest strength during production was my ability to bring different elements together and make them work in harmony. I was able to take Silent King's initial demo and add my own unique perspective to it, as well as finding the right vocalist to bring the track to life. Silent King's greatest strength was his ability to keep pushing the project forward and refining it over time until it reached its full potential.

It’s always so nice in a creative setting to have a partner who’s creative process meshes so well with your own.

Were there any new production or writing tricks that you’ve been wanting to use that you were able to on Genesis?

Silent King: I was able to try something new when it came to the drop. Instead of using the AB ABC method I used the AB CDE method, meaning the second drop was changed up completely to keep the track interesting.

Jumper Keellu: Absolutely! The Genesis project allowed me to experiment with new sounds and techniques that I had been wanting to try out. For example, we incorporated some live instruments into the track, which was a new experience for me. We also worked with a talented vocalist who brought her own unique style to the project, which helped to elevate it and take it to the next level.

Speaking of taking it to the next level, what do you think about James Gunn rebooting the entire DCEU?

Silent King: Well I don't know how to feel about that since Marvel screwed up when they tried to pull that off.

Jumper Keellu: As a music producer, my focus is primarily on creating and sharing my own art and I am always excited to see artists and creatives pushing boundaries and exploring new territory in their respective fields.

Damn, Keellu. Real sees real. As for you, Silent King, I see you’re a fan of the classics.

Did Genesis end up the way you originally intended or did it sort of blossom into something totally different?

Silent King: Genesis changed a lot from 2019 to 2023. I feel this track blossomed over the years into something me and my partner are still happy with now, to this day.

Jumper Keellu: The Genesis project definitely evolved over time and ended up being different than we initially envisioned. However, I think that's a natural part of the creative process. As we worked on the track together and added new elements, it took on a life of its own and became something that was unique and exciting in its own right.

It really seems like you two effectively elevated each other’s work. Do you two plan to collaborate on another project in the near future?

Silent King: There is no plans on another collaboration at the moment but hopefully there might be one in the near future!

Jumper Keellu: Yes, absolutely! Silent King and I have a great working relationship, and we are always looking for new opportunities to collaborate on music. I have some exciting ideas in the works, so stay tuned for more updates in the near future!

Here comes the beginning of something fresh and new—breathing life into a the lungs of a promising creative genesis.



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