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The Heroes EP: Is It You or Is It Me?

In a time of heroes, both in our world and the box office, everyone aspires for a future that far outshines our current reality by means of justice, well-being and a hope to hold onto. No matter our differences, we all have dreams and longings and we all need help from time to time whether we’ll admit that or not. What exactly it will take to reach that hopefully not-so-distant future is up for debate. Will it take someone with a strong jaw-line and a cape or can we collectively take the steps needed to be each other’s heroes?

Having been a long time in the making, EthoShark is no stranger to these public yearnings, and the Heroes EP is his own personal reflection of just that. Allowing the listener glimpses of theatrical centerpieces, explosive grandeur and themes of hope beyond all hopes, his “tomorrow” is just as bright as anyone’s.

Like any great hero story, this one opens with a distant, mystical landscape that begins to morph into something triumphant and glistening—Stardust. Like an infant shooting through the stars off the tail-end of the collapse of his home planet, there is a long journey ahead and one of unknown proportions.

Long awaited, our stage then opens with our saviors—our Heroes. We take flight over a bustling urban landscape only to be attacked with laser blasts and sub-sonic rifts and explosions. In a daze from the fight, the heroes find their bearings and scan all around for these dastardly evil-doers. The battle rages on and through the clarity of retrospect, the villains stand a chance no longer.

With our villains put down, the sky feels a little brighter than it was before. When the dust settles our heroes are the first on the scene to calm any worries or public unrest. In a word, they give us Hope. No one can do what they do—not like this. But isn’t that what heroes are for?



Hey EthoShark! It’s always a pleasure, my man. You said you had been working on this one for a while. When exactly did you start this Heroes project?

I started the idea for the title track almost two years ago, and have been slowly working on it ever since. The other two tracks are a lot more recent. Goes to show how you never know how long a project will take to finish, haha.

It really is different with every project, since each one seems to have a mind of its own. Though, letting the project think for itself and evolve at its own pace is what makes a great artist. Seeing how this project evolved and grew over time, how do you feel about the marriage of the original title track with the two others on the project?

The other two tracks are both newer versions of older pieces I've released, so it felt fitting to release them together (along with the title track) as an EP. These 3 tunes definitely fall under a similar style of music, so they can be fun to listen to as a whole.

There’s definitely a pretty strong theme throughout these three tracks. What inspired these themes and concepts? Was it this era of superhero movies that we're in, or something more grounded in your life?

The name for the track itself was kind of something that just came to me while I was listening to it, and I thought 'hey, that'd be a great song title...'. Sometimes the hardest part of writing and releasing music can be coming up with the name, so it's great when it happens so easily. I do feel like all 3 of these tracks have that sort of 'epic' vibe that could be associated with superhero movies, so it worked out well.

Oh I’m definitely getting that huge theatrical vibe you were going for. By the way of your thoughts and plans, you said you felt this project was like a reflection of your more modern production style. What aspects of the EP really stand out to you in that way?

I feel like my production skills are always improving, and I haven't released any original music since my album last year. So this EP feels like an important 'checkpoint' for my evolving sound.

If that’s the case, I’m really looking forward to whatever’s coming next! Speaking of new things to come, are you glad that it's finally Spring again?

Yes, where I live it's been really cold recently so I'm looking forward to the warmer weather.

Man, me too, though the weather is sort of all over the place where I’m at. With warmer, more nurturing weather on the way, should we expect more music to come from you soon?

I am always working on new music, so definitely! There are some tunes I'm really excited about putting out there soon.

So that no one misses any of these new upcoming releases, what social media would be best for your listeners to keep up with you on these days?

I do have a Discord server where I announce new releases, which is also a fun place to just hang out and chat about whatever. Link on my Soundcloud!

Any final words for those listeners?

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my music, it means the world to me!

Be it wall-crawlers, caped-crusaders or simply members of your loving local community, we can all sleep soundly knowing that our Heroes are out there.



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