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Solenya & Just Oscar Release Their Optimistic Single “Someday”

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Like any beautiful marriage, the collaboration of two profound artists is no different. Connecting through SYNC Records, Solenya and Just Oscar set forth to create something both uplifting and wonderful. Both having a deep love for crafting songs and making bold statements with sound rather than with words, the two of them created, Someday– a song meant as a reminder that even on the hardest days and in the darkest of times, there’s always something, somewhere, to keep us moving forward.


From sweet and tender builds to blissful drops, every moment of this track is something to behold. But do not be fooled. Someday isn’t all around gentle. It doesn’t hold back when delivering an absolute wall of sound. But as is life.



We’re so glad to have both of you with us at SYNC Records. What got you two started and what made you decide to do a collaboration?

Solenya: I can't speak for Oscar, but I started back in 2013 messing with deadmau5 launchpad samples and Ableton 9. I messed with liquid drum n bass until pursuing the craft in college. There I evolved to creating thicker soundscapes and trying to cover all genres/sub-genres in electronic music. When I found Just Oscar, I knew immediately his future bass sound was one for the books. As an upcoming artist his sound is incredibly rich and full, throwing back to 2014 when future bass was really taking the scene by storm. I have done this style before but I wanted to refine that genre with a nice mixture of ambience and euphoria. As soon as I mentioned this to Just Oscar he sent me a little loop he did. That loop would later become Someday and I am so proud it progressed the way it did.

How would you describe the track, personally?

Solenya: The track is meant to be the beginning of a long day, with a very catchy guitar rising to a very uplifting chorus. Hence the visual of going above the clouds and seeing the colors of the sun.

How long did it take you two to produce this?

Solenya: Just Oscar sent me the first draft back in early September of 2021 and I finished it in early November. So around 2 months.

What does this song mean to each of you?

Just Oscar: I love it like all of my other songs.

Solenya: This song was meant as a pick me up at first. I had just moved into my own place after a devastating breakup that ruined me physically and mentally. I worked on this song to feel better and it prompted me to record a speech telling myself to keep going. A week after I finished the song I was hit by a car. I am now just walking again but still recovering. The song now has a new meaning to me and really reminds me how lucky I am and it would be a crime to give up.

What should listeners expect when listening to this track?

Just Oscar: Beautiful chords and an uplifting chorus.

Solenya: Expect to look inward and reflect, but also live in the moment and always have a smile on your face. Some days are easier, some are harder and that's okay. Life is too precious to live in anguish.

Were there any specific techniques or tools that you applied to this track?

Solenya: It was one of the few times I used lots of compression to achieve that wall of sound you hear at festivals. Trying to mix the reverb as well as get the guitar to have the perfect timbre was tricky. For these more pop-forward genres, use live-8 sidechain compression.... not LFO Tool....

What do you have planned next? Anything in the works?

Just Oscar: Yeah, I’m working on two songs that I’m planning to finish as soon as possible.

Solenya: I have an album dedicated to my recently passed dog that should come out sometime this spring. I also just created a whole album's worth of music with Oddsphere that will hopefully see the light of day either this year or next.

If listeners would like to find more of your work, where would you recommend they look? What is the best social media for them to stay updated on you?

Just Oscar: I recommend Spotify and for social media, Instagram.

Solenya: I have a Wix site that has all my information/links but I also am free to reach out to on Instagram, Discord, and Soundcloud!


So remember, “some days are easier - some days are harder. It’s not about how many times you fail or fall down. What defines you is how you get back up.”

Keep your heads up, and check out Someday today!




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