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SYNC REWIND: The Young and the Reckless-The Greenhouse Project

Remember, your inner child never really goes away, but for some, you may need reacquainting. Running down hallways like hoodlums in the fall that just can’t wait for winter break. Were you a prep or were you an outcast? Those younger years all feel so far away. If you need help remembering, then listen to Greenhouse and to what that inner child has to say.

From the brilliant, collaborative minds of Solenya, EthoShark, and Second Impact we give you the groovy new house single, Greenhouse. Dripping with saxophonic melodies and a g beat, this track isn’t only feel good but will surely take you back to a time when things were easier and when you and your friends had the world figured out.



Hey guys! I love the new single. Very groovy. What drew the three of you together for this collaboration?

Solenya: I was working on a groovy house tune back in March of 2021. I had a great minute of fun but had no idea where to take it. I wanted to work with some new upcoming SYNC artists so I put out on our server I was searching for collaborators. Needless to say, they responded and the rest is history.

EthoShark: I met Solenya on the Sync Records discord server and found his music via his releases with the label. I quickly took a liking to it and thought our styles definitely had some similarities! I ended up working on this tune with him and Second Impact and had such a great time making music with them.

Second Impact: Solenya asked, in the SYNC server, if anyone was down to work together on a house tune he had planned. Ethoshark and I listened to his previous releases and loved them, so we immediately told him that we were game.

Wow! And what a great tune came out of such an organic team-up. I prefer this to Avengers: Endgame any day. Like any great superhero team, what would you each say are your teammates’ greatest strengths?

Solenya: I loved that each section they introduced was still very much in the same vein as my phrase. They brought their own unique spin to the disco house genre without having the progression grow stale or drag on for too long.

EthoShark: This was an interesting song to work on because we all had to work somewhat outside our comfort zones. That being said, we each brought our signature sounds and techniques to the table and worked to create something that wasn’t necessarily the type of track any of us would generally make. I was really impressed with what everyone added to the song and I think that they both definitely possess a lot of versatility!

Second Impact: Solenya is incredible in creating an atmosphere for his tracks, which really shows in Greenhouse as well. EthoShark is very talented in any genre he touches and always brings new influences into it, not really staying with the norms but rather creating a new style for whatever genre he works on– something you're able to hear in his part of the song.

You all definitely complement each other’s sound and it really shows in this track. I’ve definitely seen some other collaborations that resulted in toes being stepped on. What would you say influenced you each the most while working on Greenhouse?

Solenya: I constantly threw myself back into the 2011-2016 memories of my life. Trying to capture that blissful ignorance I had growing up. No responsibilities, just smoking, chilling, and listening to Monstercat with my boys– a pinnacle moment with music for me.

EthoShark: I got a lot of influence from the area that I live in. The Pacific Northwest is such a beautiful place, with its Redwood forests and oceanic climate. This song reminded me of the trees, and I drew on this inspiration while working on it.

Second Impact: Not much honestly. We knew it was gonna be a house track, but that genre can be quite boring. So we knew we didn't wanna aim for just making a house track and opted to make a future bass-y section with a house drum pattern, which we sent to Solenya to incorporate into the tune (and turn it even more into the house :D).

Well, I would say you achieved those things for sure. Greenhouse is definitely free from worry, breathes life like the trees, and is more than just your average house tune. That being said, how would you each describe the track and what it means to you?

Solenya: A call back to those days when school had just ended and you had all the time in the world to be lazy, stupid, and best of all, irresponsible.

Ethoshark: This track is really vibey and fun to listen to. It’s mainly a house groove with some experimental sounds interspersed- something that I had a lot of fun working with. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do!

Second Impact: It’s a fun experience that lacks seriousness but radiates pure joy. If you look to just vibe to some house, but want something a bit different than the usual Summer House Mix 10-hour YouTube compilation, you should definitely give Greenhouse a listen. You should also give it a listen in any other scenario. It's just a great tune, really.

Be young, be fun, and most importantly, be happy. Greenhouse is out now everywhere.



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