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To Other Worlds and Through “Dimensions”, Come and Take a Ride with Fiktitious

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Following his debut EP, Daydreams, Fiktitious delivers a triumphant return with his sophomore EP, Dimensions. Being both a producer and artist of audio, he can definitely add raconteur to his wheelhouse. Entering towards the beginning of 2022 as one of SYNC Records’ Resident Artists, this four-song EP certainly isn’t one to be trifled with.


For lovers of fantasy, sci-fi and just all around immersive music, the colorful and ambitious new Fiktitious EP, Dimensions, has arrived. Though the question still remains, how does one create something like this? Sometimes artists find the sound and sometimes it finds them and few are ever sure which way it may happen. For Fiktitious, it was something of a combination of the two.

Being a crafter of soundscapes capable of trapping a listener’s ear even if only for minutes at a time, Dimensions did more than just that, and it was all from the fantastical mind of one Sam Tredrea. This EP creates numerous visual landscapes from track to track whose presence is undeniable unless actively ignored. Each track of Dimensions is starkly independent of the others, though there is no denying that they’re all one hundred percent Fiktitious.


As this collection of short stories opens with Comet Hopper, we find ourselves in the shoes, or boots, of an arguably damned astronaut who has found himself stranded within a cataclysmic shower of comets deep within the distant recesses of space. After entering what may be his final data log, he exits the busted ship, taking head on the monstrous storm that awaits him outside in hopes of making it to help that may or may not await him beyond that storm. Reflected by the energetic synths and sickening first drop, the comets may be fast, but he will have to be faster if he wants to survive.

In his second track, RBG Trilogy, the listener finds themselves in some sort of void, seemingly empty of any life. Starting with what feels like a faint distant glow, the sheer emptiness of the void feels overwhelming. As the track progresses though, like any good story of good and evil, the three unique drops act as explosions of color that combat that darkness. It’s a story that no listener can help but engage in and cheer for the potential of victory. Could this be the other side of that deadly storm we last found our astronaut within?

In our third track we find ourselves amidst a sort of whimsical cybernetic dream. One seemingly more calm than its two predecessors. Though as we enter our first build, there is a combative energy at play whose resulting drop fills the scene with flying colors and magical textural blasts– Iridescence. Though both energetic and bombastic, it’s honestly so much more. It’s so reminiscent of old fantasy-driven video games and right before our eyes and those of the lone astronaut, two fantastic beings duke it out with either magic or some sort of technological sublime. As the fight seems to slow down and the song comes to an end, we see him drifting off towards a new planet formed by the blasts of the two mysterious entities. What could this mean for our stranded explorer?

In our fourth track, as he begins to fall through this foreign atmosphere, he gradually picks up speed, landing in a foul and sticky forest. He is seemingly unharmed but now lost in this…this– Slime Forest. He continues marching ever forward, his steps echoed by the relentless beat, the sticky, slimy ground mirrored by the synths. He can only hope that he will be able to find a way off this new world or at least find shelter, but this aggressive forest of slime rages on, slowly consuming him as it climbs up his legs towards his waist. Will he ever make it off this planet alive?

If you’re in the mood for sci-fi adventures, fantastical getaways, or just good colorful story-telling, you can find Dimensions by Fiktitious on Spotify, Apple Music and everywhere else.



When did you get started and what made you want to tackle a project like this EP? What inspired you?

“I didn't intend for an EP to happen funnily enough! I first completed Comet Hopper in July 21’ and had the other tracks on the go with no titles but all following the same melodic/heavy theme. I realized as 4 tracks were all coming together at the same time that I could make something of this and create an EP. I became inspired by Chime/Ace Aura probably early 21’ with their 'Color Bass' which for me was something new, exciting and fit perfectly for me creating my focused style.”

How long did it take to produce the EP as a whole?

“As a whole the EP took me from July to December 21’. Working a full time job of course gives you little free time.”

What do these songs mean to you, personally?

“Comet Hopper, for me, is a good example of when something finally clicked in me saying 'Yes, this is it, you have finally found your style,’ so that is an important track for me and drove me to complete all the others. This makes each track special as it's the first main EP I have launched where I felt confident in my abilities.”

What should listeners expect when listening to the EP?

“Listeners should expect a Dubstep Hybrid EP filled with melodic progressions and Coloured heavy Basses with each track's theme being unique.”

Were there any specific techniques or tools that you applied to this project?

“There were a number of techniques used in creating each track from this EP. Most notably granular synthesis was used a lot to create pads and textures which I could then use for Convolution Impulse Responses for basses or for layering for atmospheres. That was a big part of the sound design process.”

What do you have planned next? Anything in the works?

“There are one or two bits in the works currently. One I have had finished for a few months now which will be released next.”

If listeners would like to find more of your work, where would you recommend they look? What is the best social media for them to stay updated on you?

“I typically have been using TikTok here and there for WIPS and posted a tutorial on a technique I described previously and I want to grow this and start focusing more on this when I can. On Soundcloud, Instagram and Facebook I will post new releases and anything upcoming. And I TRY to remember Twitter!”


For anyone who's a fan of adventure, if you’re looking for something new and something more, travel to other worlds and through Dimensions. Come and take a ride with Fiktitious.


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